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Who built your website?

This website was done by Netricks, Inc.

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Do I really need a web site?

Yes. Having a website expose your business to an unlimited number of potential customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Whether you use your site for sales or marketing, let Netricks™, Inc. help you design a site which can significantly increase your client base.

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Should I hire a professional designer?

Yes. Your Web site is a reflection of your business and needs to effectively and professionally communicate that you are a serious business professional.
Netricks™, Inc. has an award winning design staff that can create a custom site tailored to your individual needs and ideas.

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Can you write the content for my web site?

Yes, we can. Netricks™, Inc. employs highly communicative copy writing techniques to create content for your site.
Depending on the nature of your web site, we may have to acquire the information from external sources for additional costs.
Netricks™, Inc. can include the cost for copy writing into your quote.

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Does a designer need to be local?

Not typically. Using current technology (email, video conferencing, cell phones), web sites can be successfully created and launched even when the designer and client are thousands of miles apart. Netricks™, Inc. does provide in-office appointments to customers located in California’s Central Valley including Fresno, Clovis, Visalia, Madera and Merced.

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Can I see my site while it is under development?

Of course! In fact, we expect it because your input and approval throughout the developmental stages of your site ensures a successful launch. Netricks™, Inc. will email or schedule in-office s upon request.

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Who owns the rights to the web site once it's finished?

Once Netricks™, Inc. completes your web site, it's yours ... as long as you've paid your invoice.

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Is 'site maintenance' really necessary?

Yes, 'site maintenance' allows you to make unlimited 'minor' changes to your web site after the initial launch. This does not include the addition of new pages or major changes, such as an entire page revision.
If your web site will require at least one change a month, Netricks™, Inc. offers a cost-efficient maintenance agreement.

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How frequently do I need to my website?

It depends on what your doing with your site. For e-commerce sites, adding new content is a crucial step for new and returning business.
Netricks™, Inc. can create a Content Management System (CMS) for your website which will allow you to add new content quickly and easily.

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What does ‘website usability’ mean?

‘Website usability’ is the ease with which users can interact and navigate your web site. Netricks™, Inc. will work with your business to create a functional and usable website.

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How much will a web site cost?

Without knowing the particular needs of your unique project, it's difficult to quote a fair and accurate price.
However, Netricks™, Inc. will work with you to develop a project within your budget.

Netricks™, Inc. offers free initial phone, email or instant messaging consultation with each potential client. '

Use our Contact page to begin your consultation.

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What form of payment do you accept?

Netricks™, Inc. accepts cash, checks, money orders and most major credit cards.

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I'm not sure exactly what my new site needs. What do I do?

Netricks™, Inc. can help you through this process. Write down a few notes ideas for your site, complete our on-line free quote and we'll get back to you within 48 hours (M-F 9am-5pm PST) with a comprehensive and competitive quote containing a brief layout rough draft.
Click here to request a quote from Netricks™, Inc.

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I want to work with you. What next?

Click here to request a quote from Netricks™, Inc.
Netricks™, Inc. get back to you within 48 hours (M-F 9am-5pm PST) to develop a comprehensive and competitive quote.

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Do I need a logo? If so, can you create one for me?

If brand recognition is an important factor in your business, the simple answer is yes! The Netricks™, Inc. Design Team will create a custom logo for a reasonable price.
It's imporant not to 'go cheap' when creating a logo; it's important factor of your business. Remember, your logo goes on everything from letter head to t-shirts.

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What is a Web host? Do you provide this service?

A Web Host provides you space on their servers where your web site will reside (using your new domain name). Some ISPs also provide Web hosting (but don't settle for a sub-domain account, ie. earthlink.net/~yourname). Netricks™, Inc. offers great hosting solutions to meet your technical needs.

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What is an Internet Service Provider?

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides access to the Internet, whether it's dial-up, cable modem or DSL. You usually get a few email accounts with through your ISP (bygeorge@earthlink.net), but be sure you rely on your domain email for business communications.
Netricks™, Inc. will supply email with our hosting solutions.

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How do I set up my email?

Simply CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on setting up your email.

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How do I contact you if I have a problem or question?

If you are a Netricks client, please use the Netricks Support Center to contact us. If you are a prospective client, call us at 1-877-642.2600 during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm PST or use our Contact Form.

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How do I add and/or remove email accounts?

A domain name is a way to identify and locate computers and resources connected to the Internet. No two organizations can have the same domain name.

Every company, group, organization or individual that wants to be on the internet will register a domain name for use as their on-line identity or name that clients will use to access on-line services such as the organization's website or email system.

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What size resolution do you design for?

We design for resolutions of 800 pixels and higher. However, if you are sure your target audience is using a smaller resolution (such as 640), we can accommodate this without any problems.

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What time is iot?

Look at the clock.

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"Netricks did a tremendous job on my web project. Everything including the photos on my site looks so professional. I am really impressed with your work and our site. Thanks very much."
Patrik Book,
Moda Star Models
Netricks offers support services for contracted clients and non-contracted clients alike. We have a ticketing support site located at Netricks Tech Support and a remote control support system to allow our technicians to assist you with your technical issues from a remote location. For more info on remote support, please click below.

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