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Content Management The New Standard in Web Design

The evolution of web development parallels the model of technology spending by companies today. The style and method has transformed along with the business spending trend. Content management has taken over as the latest fashion in design...

Jul 21, 2004

By Greg Richburg
Netricks, Inc.

The evolution of web development parallels the model of technology spending by companies today.  The style and method has transformed along with the business spending trend.  Content management has taken over as the latest fashion in design and modern web development style. 
Companies have become more concerned over the past few years with where their development dollars are going, especially in web design.  Thus, web developers have had to adjust their methods and deliver products that fit the business model. 
The rise and fall of the “Dot Com” era paved the way for tremendous technological advancements.  Excessive spending pushed research and development like we have never seen.  Advancements came forth in waves. 
Sure, we all have faster computers, cooler monitors, and more robust applications on the user end.  Yet, on the development side, a new empire of web design has risen.
Give me something fresh.  Give me something new. 
The new trend in web design pulls at the gut of the mundane.  Instantaneous gratification is at our fingertips and we can have it without having to sell the ranch.  The concept is simple, the design is sophisticated.  What it offers is the ability to change the content of your website continuously without the additional design fees of a developer constantly knocking on your door.
What does this mean?
Imagine making modifications to your website every day, or rather, having your office assistant do it.  Whether you want to add the latest news headline, or post a new product, show off pictures of your new office, or add info about your newest employee, you can do it easily through a content management system.
Every business, large and small, can have global representation on the World Wide Web.  Every business as well, can manage its content on a daily basis.  Today, fewer and fewer businesses require full time developers.  Now more than ever, businesses can manage their web developments internally without the added expense of the developer. 
The developers have created systems advanced enough to enable businesses to meet these needs and significantly save money.  The design offers online tools that enable any employee (with granted rights) the ability to manage all of the company information displayed on their website. 
Information is stored in databases and managed through pre-designed forms.  These forms, if properly planned out, are so easy to use that absolutely no experience is necessary to utilize their functions.  A novice, with an eye for order, can assume the responsibility of managing the content on any website.
There are multiple levels of content management.  I guarantee you will be impressed at how inexpensive a useable design can be. 
What is the bottom line? 

  • If you outsource your web design needs, develop a web solution that will enable you to manage the content internally.
  • Spend your money up front on a solid design so that you can save money in the long run.
  • Ask a qualified development team about some of the latest advancement in design and learn about the multitude of applicable tools available.
  • From managing e-commerce sites to simple website documentation, anyone can handle content management if the site is designed right.

A Rule for the Road:
There is a lot more to a website than aesthetics.  Turn your website into a power tool with the integration of a content management system.

All past articles written by Greg Richburg are available at http://www.netricks.com/news. Please address article suggestions to: info@netricks.com

Greg Richburg a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and the owner of Netricks, Inc. a network consulting, web design and hosting company located in Fresno, CA. Visit Netricks at http://www.netricks.com.

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