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Search Engine Woes and the Dramatic Dance - Part I

You ever wonder how to get at the top of the search engines for a particular key word or phrase?

Jun 15, 2006

By Greg Richburg
Netricks, Inc.

I wanna tug on your shirt about something. You see, there’s a little diddy that’s been buggin’ a bit. I don’t want to name any names or point any fingers, but just want to share my two bits, sort of throw it all up in the air and see who grabs what.

We here in the techie goop world like to sometimes talk in acronyms, so forgive me if I don’t explain everything; I’ll try my best though.

The situation

I have a little spit about what in my mind adheres to a major bug, a flaw in the system if you will, that is not getting as much attention as certain people think it should. It deals with a few rather “large” corporations, one in particular that in some way has a bit of a hold about you and me. And personally, I don’t like to be controlled all that much.

You ever wonder how to get at the top of the search engines for a particular key word or phrase? Well the process of getting there entails an effort called SEO better suited as “Search Engine Optimization” for you common folk. LOL. That means “laugh out loud.” ;) “wink.” Well my organization offers this SEO practice to many clients. But there is something that gets in the way, something that is bothersome and to tell the truth, not really fair.

A Foreshadowing

First off, tell me which of you out there actually like to get spam. Let’s see, one, two, ten… oh zero. That’s right; spam is one of those nuisances that we all despise. Tangent… If you are spamming people, please stop. I bring up spam here because it sort of relates, in an obtuse manner, yet not too obtuse.

The Beef

Now frankly, I am also growing very tired of bogus websites. The websites in particular are those that offer no real content, but just deliver a junk page with a load of Google ads. Many of you out there may not recognize these ads that I am talking about, but there is one thing that Google offers to people that in my opinion is tilting the search engine experience in a very derogatory fashion.

The Google APIs allow website owners to display Google based “Adsence” advertisements on their own websites for profit. Now an API is short for “application program interface.” APIs are used in all sorts of programming fashion and as a source do no harm whatsoever. But the specific API that I want to discuss allows website owners to display the Google based Adsence advertisements on their own private website with the chance of making a buck or two based on the traffic delivered to the specific advertiser.

Seems fair enough, right? I mean hey, if I bring you customers, shouldn’t I get a kickback? Well let’s examine this idea a little deeper. For instance, take a look at www.klickcommerce.com/swimsuits_bikinis/fashion_news.html. This is a legitimate site that discusses the sale of swimwear and as you can see on the left hand column, there are “Ads by Google.” This site properly utilizes the Google Adsence API in an ethical and tasteful manner. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

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The customers that come to this site get the content that they were searching for and also they get a few advertisements about some parallel content.

Now take a look at www.swimsuitguide.com/swimsuits.php. It is riddled with ads, all ads and really has zero content whatsoever besides the ads themselves. If you click on any of the links, all you get is another page with more advertisements.

The issue

I want you to realize something about these advertisements. The companies that place these advertisements are all paying on a per click basis. And Google pays anyone with the API on their site a small percentage, like a finder’s fee if you will, for any click that comes from their site. So as a site owner, I can forget about creating a valid site, I can forget about offering any content to the customer, and I can forget about offering anything at all as long as I can coerce someone into click on any of the Adsence ads listed on my site because I can make a nickel.

Think about that and I will pick up here next month and get into the real problems with this scenario. Have a nice day and remember what I said about spam. It all comes together. :) “Slimey.” And don’t forget your swimwear; it is mighty hot out there these days.

All past articles written by Greg Richburg are available at http://www.netricks.com/news. Please address article suggestions to: info@netricks.com. And don’t forget to shop at My Shop Girl - Women's Swimwear and Bikini Store.

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