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Search Engine Woes and the Dramatic Dance - Part II

Issue No. 1 - The proliferation of junk sites is getting out of hand.

Jun 29, 2006

By Greg Richburg
Netricks, Inc.

Issue No. 1 - The proliferation of junk sites is getting out of hand.

We left off last month with an interesting description of the Google Adsense system and its ability to allow webmasters to post Google Adsense advertisements on privately run websites for profit.

In Detail

Google charges its advertisers in two ways. The first and most commonly known is the CPC or Cost Per Click method. Easy enough, you buy a specific key word or phrase for so much per click and when a customer clicks on you, you get charged. Sure, the advertiser pays for visitors to its site.

The second method is the CPM or Cost Per Thousand Impressions. This system is a bit more precarious. The advertiser gets charged after its ad has shown up one thousand times, regardless of the location and if anyone has clicked on the ad. And on the other side, the webmaster makes a percentage of what the advertisers get charged.

Can you feel a problem brewing here?

At first glance, this appears like fair practice. Yet upon examination, webmasters are compelled to add the advertisements on their sites to earn some extra cash. Well this is where it gets nasty. There are those webmasters (people) out there that will gladly take advantage of any system. They forget about making any real website to share information, forget about making any real website to sell something and mass produce junk sites riddled with the Google Adsense advertisements.

I am going to be blunt. We are responsible for the creation of development of websites. I am not trying to blame Google for anything here. I am just trying to point out that there system is easy to take advantage of. Their system costs advertisers money and is slowly screwing up the Internet.

Sexy Clothing, Beachwear and Bikinis

For the most part, the advertisers that go with Google do not understand what they are getting into. Everyone sees Google as the big Giant of the Internet. Yet as an owner of many online websites selling anything from bikinis and beachwear to skincare and more, the ROI (Return on Investment) form Google is really low in comparison to its top competition. That may sound harsh, but here’s the deal.

Advertisers are getting charged regardless if their ad shows up on a valid site or a junk site. Google’s search count increases based on the number of ads that get displayed. And more and more poor webmasters are creating bogus sites that add nothing to our Internet experience except a waste of time when we come across their damned sites.

The same webmasters that are creating bogus ad riddled sites are also the same webmasters that are sending out billions of junk mail or spam to advertise the sites. They are also the same webmasters that are creating tons of pop-ups. They are the same webmasters that are using other ill-advised advertising techniques to get traffic to their bogus websites. The end result is that the Internet is getting uglier and uglier.

Not to mention again that the ROI from Google advertising in comparison to other search engines tends to be very low. But that is another story all together.

In the grand scheme of things, everything is related. And weather you like it or not, it is our duty to make things better. I do not believe it it Google’s fault one bit for the problems that are here in the Internet world, but I do believe that Google has the power to make things better. They are indeed one of the most powerful companies in the world.

So stay cool and don’t forget your swimsuit; it is mighty hot out there these days.

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