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An Olympic Convention Full of Smarts - Part 1 of 3

I just got back from the Search Engine Strategies (SES) convention in San Jose, a perfect location for this global affair. I heard more languages conversing in a somewhat small, tight nit arena then I could have imagined being at the Men�s Badminton fi

Aug 24, 2008

An Olympic Convention – Full of Smarts - Part 1 of 3

By Greg Richburg


I just got back from the Search Engine Strategies (SES) convention in San Jose, a perfect location for this global affair.  I heard more languages conversing in a somewhat small, tight nit arena then I could have imagined being at the Men’s Badminton finale at the Bird Nest in Beijing. 


What is SEM?


For those of you that don’t know much about it or anything for that matter, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the life-force behind your website’s presence on the big WWW.  A complex advertising system, without some sort of SEM, you website would be nothing more then a fine restaurant on some dark street without a nightlight.  Your online shop would be a lone standing building on an off-street of route 66 between Barstow and Minnewawa.  Get it?  No one would see it.  SEM is vital to your website’s visibility.


How does it work?


SEM functions just like any sort of advertising conceptually, but it is much more competitive and multi-dimensional.  The SES convention hosted enterprise class marketing companies in almost every category of strategic marketing development.  To the novice, it would have seemed like a plethora of suits peddling the same song and dance, every booth looked the same as the other.  Besides the big boys, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, it could be really difficult to figure out who was who. 


Over the next couple issues of Business Street, I am going to go through a symposium of the interesting pieces to the SEM puzzle and some of the companies that I feel offer interesting systems.  But first, we need to touch on the main aspects of SEM.


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Website Analytics:  The fundamentals behind SEM, You need a site that is built properly, optimized and setup to be conducive towards search engine indexing to get the high placements for the keywords that you want.  Then you need to have some sort of analytics system integrated to gauge and measure your traffic for validity.  If you skip this step in web design and development, your marketing efforts will be counterproductive.
  2. Copy Writing and Content Development:  Part of SEO, your site’s copy needs to be written in a way that grants your site proper value for the topic that is pertaining to you and your products.  Well written content will prove to be worth the extra time and money to get it but you need to understand how to write for SEM.  This is actually mathematical.  There is a formula that includes notions of word placement and keyword density.
  3. Organic Search Listing:  Search engine position that has come about naturally based on the websites development, copy, longevity, uniqueness, inward links and more.  The main goal of every website is to have good organic listings. 
  4. Pay Per Click and Paid Placement:  If you can’t get the organic listings that you want, you can always buy them, or buy something close to them.  For the most part, PPC is auction based.  You can bid on words and phrases.
  5. Link Exchange – Text Link Ads – Directory Listing:  Getting websites to link to you will help your website’s visibility.  Some search engines like lots of inward links, but relative inward links are the key.
  6. Social Bookmarks – Social Network Advertising – Blogging:  I great way to get your name out there and create inward links, posting to social networks, blogs and other such sites, topic related, can help you get the inward links going that search engines like.
  7. Article Development and Syndication - Press Releases:  Obviously, a more conventional system for marketing, but done properly can also help increase the inward links to your website and stay within the parameters of topic orientation that is excellent for link development.
  8. Affiliate Marketing – Product Publishing:  If you are selling a product, why not get other people to sell it for you for a commission?  There are organizations out there that help you get your product to the sellers, sort of like going to market.
  9. Direct to consumer marketing – E-mail campaigns and Client Relations Management:  Market new products back to the clients from yesterday.  Seems obvious, but there are definite rules and strategies to help you.


Now with the elements defined, I would like to discuss some of the companies out there that I came across at the SES convention and offer feedback regarding various services and SEO/ SEM issues. 


The SES convention presented a menagerie of companies offering tips and tricks, do-it-yourself guides, we do it all for you systems, pay us and get this, get rich quick systems, and marketing system in small business to enterprise level formats.  It was not for the SEO novice or consumer, but aimed at the professional looking to advance in the areas noted.


Companies that I will be talking about over in the next couple Business Street articles include Izea, Hydra, Revenue Gateway, Become, SEO, Inc., PRWeb, Ion Interactive, of course Yahoo, Google, MSN, and several more.  Please feel free to send me an e-mail or call if you would like me to touch on anything in particular.


I am out of room in this edition, so if you got your fill of the USA vs. China competitions and our ready now to get back into the work groove, take notes, ask some questions, me an email and let’s figure out how to get your website noticed.  Until next time…




Greg Richburg

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