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An Olympic Convention Full of Smarts - Part 2 of 3

It feels like the Olympics were so long ago, almost forgotten except for the occasional Michael Phelps advertisements about learning Chinese and to tell the truth I cannot remember many of the other Olympians names, yet I was glued to the TV the entire tw

Sep 25, 2008

Well the one thing that we cannot afford to forget about and leave behind is our Internet marketing strategies.  With all the economic fears about the looming unknown, we need to utilize every source of income and low-cost advertising for our businesses that we can.  I place a huge amount of energy studying the ropes of the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) world because I want my website to perform and help me make money. 

My last article explained several ways the SEM world clicks, and introduced a few companies that can assist in the development of a web based marketing campaign.  I have since been studying more and would like to share a bit with you about the one main emphasis that is the driving force for the WWW.  The one main thing, the juice and the life force behind everything online is…   CONTENT!

Did I say content?  Let me tell you about content.  Content, content and more content….  

First things first, it must be “unique” content.  Consider this a rule of thumb.  Like the sun, mass dictates gravity. So the more the better yes indeed, however, if you regurgitate already published content, it may actually have a retroactive effect and hurt the position of your site.  Many of the search engines, including Yahoo, place a very high value on uniqueness.  The first one to the show gets the prize. 

How to get content...

There are companies that focus on this aspect of SEM and web development.  At the Search Engine Strategies convention in San Jose, I spoke to several companies that do such that. 

Izea is a fairly new organization that offers social media marketing and a paid blogging system where if you are a writer you can advertise and if you need content you can find writers quick and easy.  You can also get the word out about your product, site or offerings by paying bloggers to write, post and link back to your site on their site or others.  It is an interesting concept and a way to quickly develop links back to your site that promote and generate traffic.

I have not tried all aspects of Izea, but I have used their Pay Per Post system and was amazed how quickly I was able to find writers and get content about my product.  Fast and easy.  Low cost too.  I think I paid about $10 per article; mind you they were small articles. 

Basically, you create an account and define the parameters of what type of content you need.  You define the keyword emphasis and the length.  As well, you tell how much you want to pay.  Writers then either take you up on your offer or leave it.

There is a reason why there are so many copy writing services out there.  So if you have lot’s of content that needs to be written, but not enough time to get the job done, it is not too difficult to find the writers. 

SEO, Inc. is another company that offers up all sorts of levels of website optimization, copy writing and other Internet marketing resources.  They are a bit more costly and will take on your project in a higher end professional manner.  Be prepared to pay for it though.  There is an enormous different between the DIY methodology of Izea and the upper end business class level of SEO, Inc. 

SEO, Inc. offers all kinds of SEO services like PPC, analytics, press releases and of course copy.  Since search engines exist to give us users a qualified result based on a search query, SEO, Inc touts that accurate and optimized copy should be a primary goal in developing your website. 

Now that you have copy, your site is created and your pages are in order, what next?  This next phase of Internet marketing is the promotional phase, sending out the press releases, getting people to notice you and in turn getting the search engines to pick you up.

I will discuss indexing, submitting and syndication next month and give you some tips on how to get mass amounts of links back to your site.  Links in turn produce good indexing results which lead to high rank in the search engines for your specified key word phrases.

The SEM world is a competition just like the Olympics, like football “Go Dogs!” and also the campaign.  I reserve my right to silence on my choice.  Thanks for reading and don’t forget to register to vote.

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